Coolest Hogwarts Cake Design

I made this Hogwarts Cake Design for my twin nephews 7th birthday. Hogwarts in all its glory atop a rocky ridge with Harry, Ron & Hermione walking up the dirt path leading to the


The 1st cake layer is sculpted and frosted with the grass tip. The 2nd cake layer is frosted with gray frosting and then covered with gray fondant to look like stone. The main castle is cake and the turrets are made from rice crispy treats, both covered with fondant.

Notice Hedwig and Fawkes perched on the castle and the House Flags denoting each turret. This cake took a lot of preparation, but was fun and actually not too difficult to assemble. The castle stood atop a thin piece of plywood with 4″ dowels screwed in for stability, then covered with gray fondant (covered in fondant stones) to match the 2nd stone layer.

The castle was transported off the cake and set on top at the party. It was the hit of the party!!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Hogwarts Cake Design”

  1. I love this Harry Potter castle cake! My twin grandsons are having a big birthday next week and I want to make this cake, but I can’t seem to run a copy. It is frustrating!
    Please help! Thanks.

  2. your cake is so cool!!! I and my sister made gingerbread Hogwarts. maybe i will do Hogwarts cake on my birthday..:)

  3. Hi
    I think your cake looks awesome and I want to make one similar but I’m kind of new at making cakes like this. Could you please give me a more detailed recipe.

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