Coolest Holiday Cakes

I made two of these holiday cakes for Christmas. They were one for each family. It took quite a while to make these cakes.

I started by buying Wilton gingerbread houses, they come with everything you need and are easy to assemble. I made these hours in advance for them to dry. I then made two 11x 15 inch cakes, frosted each one with Wilton buttercream icing recipe.

I then set the gingerbread houses on the cakes and made frosting snow around the houses to cover the cardboard frame. After that I used a tip size 18 and sugar cones to make the trees. I used extra candy’s from the ginger bread houses to decorate the trees. I also used M&M minis.

I then did a candy path and a star border with a size 71 tip to finish. I also used mini candy canes for the corners. Then added clear sprinkles to make the snow “shine”.

These cakes were loved by both families they were made for. People were afraid to eat them!

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