Coolest Two-in-One Christmas Cake

2 in 1 Christmas Cake

I decorated  this Christmas cake for the last year holiday season. A rich fruit cake made by my English aunt was the base for the two options of this cake. I covered the top with royal icing -for the snowed scenery- and stuck a fence and some decorative christmas trees near the edges. Then I … Read more

Cool North Pole Igloo Cake

Cool North Pole Igloo Cake

Here’s my cool North Pole Igloo cake. To make this cake, use a sturdy board for the base, covered in aluminum foil. Spread Bettercreme across inner section of board. The Igloo cake was baked in a 6″ metal bowl and then placed upside down on double layer 7″ cake. Don’t use too big of a … Read more

Frosty the Snowman Christmas Present Cake

Frosty the Snowman Cake

I made this Frosty the Snowman Christmas present cake for a friend of mine. She originally asked me if I could put a fondant ribbon on a cake like one shown on a magazine cover. I told her I would do that for her, but I thought it seemed a little plain for a Christmas … Read more

Coolest Christmas Snow Globe Cake!

christmas snowglobe

This Christmas snow globe cake was made for a family dinner. It was a 3-layer 8 inch vanilla cake with white chocolate ganache filling. I iced the cake in buttercream, covered it in red fondant, amd embellished it in white fondant snowflakes. The snow globe was created with a glass bowl from the Dollar Store. … Read more

Christmas Advent Birthday Cake

Christmas Advent Birthday Cake

This advent birthday cake idea originated when I saw a beautiful wooden advent calendar house and thought to myself, ‘How cool would this look if it was a cake?’ Luckily my friend was celebrating her birthday on the 3rd of December so I figured this was a great chance to test out my idea! I … Read more

Coolest Frozen Theme Snowy Wonderland Cake

Coolest Frozen Theme Snowy Wonderland Cake

I made this snowy wonderland cake for a little girl’s birthday party. Any guesses on what her theme was? That’s right, Frozen. I wanted to make the cake following the theme, but also give her something different and fun. The snowflake is edible, along with all the jewels. I started with a 9 inch bottom … Read more

Night Before Christmas Cake

I am an amateur cake decorator.  I do this as a hobby on my special occasions for my family mostly.  I have not been taught I just look and try to create. This cake is one on my favorites.  As for the cake itself there is no hard work or carving.  It is just a … Read more

Coolest Funky Christmas Tree Cake

Coolest Funky Christmas Tree Cake

I made this cake for Xmas 2011. As is tradition in our family, my Mum makes a few cakes and we decorate them together. I always look forward to this time with my Mum, who lives in the next city to us. I got this idea from Valerie Elizabeth Confections (online) and hers looks 100 … Read more

Coolest Winter ONEderland Birthday Cake

A friend of mine came to me and asked me to make her son a guest cake, and smash cake for his first birthday party. I’m going to talk about the guest cake because it was a shooooooow stopppppa!  His theme was Winter ONEderland.  She wanted it to be extravagant , which is my expertise.  She … Read more

Coolest Christmas Scene Present Cake

Coolest Christmas Scene Present Cake

I made this Christmas scene present cake with one chocolate cake mix and the other was done with red velvet. Both cakes had marshmallow fondant on top of it and the bow I had done a week before I made the cake. I colored the marshmallow before putting it in to the micro and making the fondant. The snowman, … Read more

Cool Rockin’ Robin Christmas Cake

Rockin' Robin Xmas Cake

This Rockin’ Robin is my favorite Christmas Cake I’ve made. I think I’ve got better as each year goes by (you should’ve seen my first 2 attempts)! Each year, my Mum bakes the fruit cakes and she gives one to me. It’s a tradition that we ice them together and I always look forward to this time. So, I just leveled off … Read more

Coolest North Pole Christmas Cupcakes

Coolest North Pole Christmas Cupcakes

I got this idea for North Pole Christmas Cupcakes online. Bake cupcakes, whatever flavor you want. I chose to do vanilla and chocolate.  A box of each. I needed lots of cupcakes for a Christmas Party and for two different families where we would spend our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Frost with white frosting from grocery store. … Read more

Coolest Christmas Scene Cake

Coolest Christmas Scene Cake

This is my favorite cake that I have ever created (it may have something to do with how much I LOVE Christmas as well that is features my favorite Christmas special. I was asked to make a Christmas themed cake for someone and I could pick the design so I started playing with some sugar … Read more

Coolest Penguin Winter Wonderland Cake

Coolest Penguin Winter Wonderland Cake

My hubby and myself made this Penguin Winter Wonderland cake at home, to say thank you to every one at 44… This cake was made from chocolate sponge and covered with sugar paste. About two weeks before we started the cake I had to start drawing and organizing the run out templates for the decoration on the cake sides, … Read more

Cute Homemade Christmas Cupcakes

Coolest Christmas Cupcakes

It is holiday party time at the daycare again. Time to conjure up a colorful and exciting cupcake design for the 3 year olds. I scoured the internet for inspiration and added a bit of my own creativity (and pretty much winged it)…and voila. Sparkly cupcakes with a variety of fun holiday decorations. Most of … Read more

Coolest Christmas Giftbox Cake

Coolest Christmas Giftbox Cake

I decided to make this Christmas gift box cake for my office Christmas party the first year I worked there. It’s super easy! Just make two square cakes. Wait for them to cool. Stack them on top of each other and frost a base layer of white on them. I found some Christmas wrapping paper as inspiration … Read more

Coolest Tarheel Snowflake Birthday Cake

Coolest Tarheel Snowflake Birthday Cake

This Tarheel Snowflake birthday cake is three 8 inch cake layers of white almond sour cream cake recipe.  Snow flakes were made from cutters I bought on line, using marshmallow fondant and Wilton sugar crystal attached by using glue made from gum paste and water. The symbols and birthday message were printed from my edible printer on sugar sheets.  Using … Read more

Coolest Igloo Snow Scene Cake

Homemade Igloo Snow Scene Cake

This homemade Igloo snow scene cake is a vanilla Madeira cake. I used a round cake tin/pan for the shape and added the doorway with fondant/sugarpaste. The cake is covered with the same and marked with a sharp knife. I rolled sugarpaste out for the board and used PME snowflake cutters to print into the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Christmas Cake Recipe Ideas and Photos 4

These are all fruit cakes covered with marzipan and fondant icing. The fireplace is cut from an 8×8 inch square; the other half was made into a parcel, and two triangles of mountains for the penguins. These are mini’ Christmas cakes for a fundraising bake sale Christmas cakes for a fundraising bake sale event. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Gold Christmas Cake

Homemade Christmas Cake

This Christmas Cake is one of two cakes I made for a lady who actually makes Christmas Cakes herself but said she loves my cakes so much she just had to order a couple. I don’t think anyone could receive a nicer compliment than that. I made the angels at the beginning of December to … Read more

Coolest Homemade Christmas Cake Recipe Ideas and Photos 5

I used this Christmas cake recipe to make a cake for the soldiers in my husbands unit this past Christmas. I got the idea off the internet (actually it was supposed to be a childs birthday cake). It was supposed to be smaller but I scaled it up in size so that I could feed … Read more

Coolest Christmas Scene Design

Homemade Christmas Scene Design

This Homemade Christmas Scene Design is the first ever cake scene sugarpaste models I have ever made. The ladies at work, set a challenge of bringing something in to eat for a Christmas buffet so I decided I would make a Christmas scene. The cake on the right is a normal Christmas fruitcake, fed with … Read more

Coolest Christmas Snowflake Cake

Homemade Snowflake Christmas Cake

This Christmas snowflake cake is a traditional fruit cake that I covered in marzipan, but you could use any type of cake. I then dyed fondant icing a pale turquoise colour (to resemble a glacier look) and covered the cake with it. I then brushed it with a moistened brush and dusted it with white … Read more

Cool Homemade Christmas Scene Cake

Christmas Morning Cake

I made a rich fruit cake 10ich x 10inch then cut this in half. One half made the bed and the other half I cut to make the bedside table and the presents. All the cakes have been covered in marzipan and royal icing. The presents were then wrapped in wrapping paper. I made the … Read more