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Coolest Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

My friend’s daughter loves cows and wanted a birthday cake with cows for her birthday.

I made a square cake and frosted it with green buttercream frosting to look like a field. I trimmed the edge with long, thin strands of green frosting to look like long grass around the edges of the field.

I think the cows came out really well. I made them out of fondant and copied some cows I found on the internet. I love using fondant to trim cakes because it’s like playing with play doh. I’m not a great fan of the flavor of fondant though, so I don’t tend to use it to cover entire cakes; I like the richer flavors of butter cream for that.

I like to spend time at craft stores, looking at the books with ideas for Sculpey figures and craft projects. Anything made with Sculpey can also be made with fondant, and it will look great on a cake!

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