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Coolest Cow Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Cow Birthday Cake Idea for my grandma’s surprise 80th birthday party. She lives on a farm and LOVES cows, so it was only fitting that I made her a cow cake. I made the cow on top of the cake with rice cripsy treats, I used less butter and marshmallows so it was easier to work with. Once the mixture cooled down I put A LOT of Crisco on my hands and molded the body parts.

Then I covered them with frosting. I made the cake using a box chocolate mix from the store and divided it into two 8″ pans. While they were baking I made Chocolate frosting, marshmallow fondant, and a peanut butter filling. After the cakes were cooled I leveled the tops, split them in half, and filled with the pb filling. Stacked them, trimmed the edges so they were even and did a crumb coat of chocolate frosting. After the cakes were covered with frosting I rolled the fondant out and covered the cake. Once I had the fondant smooth, and air bubble – free I applied the flowers with water and a paintbrush.

The flowers were painted with clear vanilla flavoring and a pink glittery dust mixed together that I got at a local cake supply store. After I had the flowers on I covered the rice crispy molds with fondant and added black spots. I then made the nose, ears, eyes, and cowbell, and applied. I used a cookie cutter for the bell and wrote happy birthday on it with an edible ink marker. I used kabob skewers to hold the cows body to the cake.

I think the cow turned out pretty good for my first time using rice crispy figures on a cake. My grandma loved the cake too!

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