This Homemade Cow Cake Idea was a 10″ cake and a 6″ cake. The bottom layer was iced with white buttercream and included black cow spots made of fondant. The second layer is just iced pink. I made the flowers a few days in advance out of rolled fondant using flower cutters. I also made the bee and lady bugs in advance from fondant as well.

The cows were made with fondant. I cut out black spots and put them on the cow parts before I assembled them. I used water and confectioners sugar to kind of glue the pieces together. I used a toothpick or you could use a thick spaghetti pasta to hold the head to the body. I used a Wilton grass tip to make the green grass. The pink flowers around the top layer are fondant. I used a new mold that I found a Michael’s craft store to make the flowers. You just push the fondant into the mold, pull it out and you’ve got cute flowers!

Oh, I made eyelashes over the eyes of the cow on top with some black Wilton color paste and some vodka. It makes great edible paint! I also painted on the black stripes and dots on the bee and lady bug.