Surprise Camp Cake for a Groom

Surprise Camp Cake for a Groom

This is a camp cake from the Groom’s actual camp! My friend who was getting married never heard of a Groom’s cake when I told her about it. She was thrilled and wanted me to do their camp because it was his pride and joy because he built it from the ground up! So I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Duck Dynasty Groom Cake

A couple of months ago, my niece asked me to make a groom’s cake for her wedding. Her then fiance/now husband is a big Duck Dynasty fan, especially Uncle Si, so we agreed on a design and I set out to make her cake. I started with the characters-all gum paste and fondant Because I had never made people … Read more

Cool Drum Cake for a Groom

Cool Drum Cake for a Groom

I made this cake for the Groom’s cake at a wedding, following instructions from Coolest Drum Cake 7. Thank you for the great step by step guide. It gave me the confidence to make this cake. The cake used 3 chocolate box mixes in 2 12″ pans. I used buttercream frosting except for the drum … Read more

Cool Jeep Groom’s Cake

Cool Jeep Groom's Cake

Well this cool Jeep groom’s cake was a very fun cake to make that is for sure. I used 2 boxes of white cake mix, a 2x8x9 in of wood for the base to hold the Jeep up high enough for the wheels. I used black Twizzlers for the top rack of the Jeep the outlining, … Read more

Coolest Yoda Grooms Cake

Homemade Yoda Grooms Cake

I made this Yoda grooms cake a little while ago, and it was made with nine layers of chocolate cake, 6 nine inch rounds for the body and 3 six inch rounds for the head. I carved it using just a kitchen knife frosted it in butter cream and then covered it in fondant. It … Read more

Motorcycle Cake

Motorcycle Cake

I made this Motorcycle cake a while back for a bride looking to surprise her groom with a replica of his motorcycle. It serves 50+. First, my husband cut a piece of wood that was the shape of the motorcycle body. I wrapped it in foil them placed the cake on top. Two short wood … Read more

Coolest Billiard Table Cake Idea

Homemade Billiard Table Cake Idea

This Billiard Table Cake Idea is made with a full sheet cake made of dark chocolate with vanilla Swiss buttercream frosting. The groom requested a pool table cake and wanted the pool balls and everything in chocolate. Each pool ball is a muffin and covered in fondant decorations. The cake is chocolate with rice krispie … Read more

Coolest Bulldog Cake

Homemade Bulldog Cake

I have been decorating cakes for a couple of years now, and my cousin asked me to make the groom’s cake for her wedding, as a wedding gift to them. The groom is a vet and has a lovable bulldog named Jax. He asked me if I could make a cake version of Jax, and, … Read more

Cool Homemade Poker Table Cake Design

Poker Table

This was my first attempt to make a Poker themed cake. It was for a groom’s cake for a couple who was not having a wedding, but was celebrating with a wedding party. They were going to fly to Vegas for their honeymoon. The poker table cake is made with two hexagon-shaped pans, in chocolate … Read more

Coolest Playstation 2 Cake

Homemade Playstation 2 Cake

This Playstation 2 cake was actually made as a groom’s cake for a wedding, but could just as easily be used as a birthday cake. The groom was a huge video game fan (and still is). This cake was also made just before the new version of the Playstation was released (in case it seems … Read more

Coolest Gibson Green Electric Guitar Cake

Homemade Gibson Green Electric Guitar Cake

This Gibson Green Electric Guitar Cake was actually a groom’s cake but could be for a birthday. The groom sent me a picture on my phone of his guitar and asked if I could make the cake to look like it. I chose to make it full-sized so I went to a music store where … Read more