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Coolest Homemade TY Teddy and Horse Stable Cake

I made this cake for my daughter who loves horses and has a huge collection of ty teddies.

I started off with the stable which is a copy of a cake I had seen before. It is made with chocolate and Rice Krispies. I shaped then to look like a stable then covered it completely in white fondant. I then cut out black rectangles for the opening then in pink fondant I used a wood effect mold. I then used a flower cutter for the roof I then cut slits for the doors and shaped little handles for the doors.

Next I made the horses heads and stuck them on with toothpicks. I made the bow and the little ty teddies a few days before to give time to dry.

The main cake was a chocolate biscuit cake covered in white icing I then covered the top with green circle of fondant and roughed it up to make it look like grass. I then covered the cake board and used a shaped roller and wrapped diamond effect ribbon around it.

After placing the cake on the board I put on the ribbon and cut out a strip for around it. I then cut out lots of hearts and flowers and placed them around the cake and stable.

My daughter and all her friends loved the cake and didn’t want to cut it.


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