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Coolest Horse Birthday Cake

My great-granddaughter is taking riding lessons this winter and requested a Horse Birthday Cake for her birthday.

I prepared a large dense cake recipe in two 9×13 pans, one a little thinner than the other. Using ideas from this site, I copied, enlarged and cut the horse head shape out of paper. When the cakes were completely chilled, I transferred and cut the horse head shape out of the thinner cake layer.

Then iced it with chocolate (store bought) frosting. The bottom layer was iced with french vanilla frosting. I carefully lifted the chocolate horse head onto the white layer. I combined some vanilla and chocolate icing and piped on the mane.

Using fruit roll up (cut to size) I did the harness. The eye is a gob of white icing topped with a junior mint. Gummy hearts, filled licorice “flowers” with sugared fruit strips making the leaves and stems, black licorice whip for the reins, and gummy life savers complete the harness. I had picked up gummy teeth at the bulk store as well, but changed my mind about using them in case it made the horse look too goofy lol.

Thanks for all the ideas.

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