I made this horse riding gear cake for my niece who is going to be 13. She asked if she could have a cake made and this is what she wanted.

Steps for Making this Horse Riding Gear Cake

  • I started by baking a 7″ round 3 layer cake and a 2 layer 4.5″ round cake.
  • When cold I filled it with jam and buttercream.
  • I shaped the smaller cake for the riding hat and then covered it in buttercream and chilled it in the freezer.
  • I covered the larger cake in white icing and then made the pattern in the front side of the cake for the shirt and set it aside to harden.
  • I covered the smaller cake in black icing I had previously coloured and then I made the indents where the riding hat would have been sewn together and I added a button on the top.
  • This was set aside to dry out overnight.
  • The next day I rolled out the black icing and cut out the jacket in two halves and attached it to the cake using a little water.
  • I folded down the collars and using a modeling tool to press it into the shape of the lapel.
  • I then made a white and black button and attached the black one to the jacket and the white one to the shirt.
  • I rolled out some white and cut a long white strip and attached it to the top edge of the shirt.
  • Using some red icing, I attached a long strip like a tie around the jacket edge.
  • I attached the hat on the top of the cake and made the peak  of the hat.
  • I attached the peak using a little water and then I made a thin strip of black and attached this around the base of the hat to finish the hat off.
  • I made the ribbon for the back of the hat.
  • I made a red rosette by rolling out a large circle and ruffling it with a cocktail stick until I got the desired effect and then made the tails of the ribbon rosette.
  • I rolled out a circle in white and attached it to the center of the rosette and when this was dry I painted 1st on it in edible food colour. This was attached to the cake before it fully dried.
  • I rolled out a long strip of red for the whip and made a black handle and black whip and attached them to the cake board.
  • Finally I made the numbers 1 and 3, covered them in pink glitter when dry, and attached them to the hat.
  • Then I cut out the name DEMI in red icing and  I attached it to the top of the shirt.

She loved it!