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Coolest Superman Birthday Cake

My niece asked me to make this superman cake for her husbands 40th birthday

i started by printing of the superman logo I then cut it out with a knife I then coloured some red and yellow icing which was 1/2 flower paste 1/2 fondant this hardens when dry I then started by rolling out the yellow icing first and cut out the shape from the template I now rolled out the red and cut out the shape of the template and then cut out the shaping to form the S shape this was left to harden and dry out.

she didn’t want a large cake so I made a 7″ round sponge cake with 3 layers I made a vanilla sponge and when it was cold I filled with buttercream and jam and then covered the whole cake with butter cream and placed in the freezer

meanwhike I rolled out some blue icing I’d colored earlier and cut out a large triangle bigger than the logo so it’ll look like a blue top under the shirt later

i  placed the icing onto the cake and I then positioned the logo I now rolled out some white icing  and with some paper I drew the shape I needed to cut out for the shirt I will make the collar later

i now rolled out the black icing again using paper as a template I cut out each side of the jacket I then cover the sides of the cake in black too I now mixed some flower paste into some black and some white icing for the collars and using paper to make a template again so I knew what shape to cut out

I now cut out the shirt collar and then the lapel for the jackets do attached to the cake I cut buttonholes where needed and added buttons

I now made a tie and attached placing under the lapel of the coat

i now coverd the cake board in blue and using some yellow icing I made a strip to attach around the base of the cake

i now cut out some red stars and the wording happy birthday and I then cut out a number 4 +0  I now rolled out the yellow to cut out the name I now attached these all to the cake board

the cake was now finished I was so pleased with the outcome I really didn’t expect it to look this good