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Coolest Horton Hears a Who Cake Idea

How Horton came to life:

A very good friend hooked me up with her cousin. Imagine my delight when she told me the reception would be Dr. Seuss themed and that she wanted a “Horton” cake!!! 45 hours of decorating time and a delivery up to Look Out Mountain and here is what my friend and I came up with.

A week prior we prepped the ears and flower stems out of gum paste and fondant. The body of the cake was made up of 5 layers of cake (large Wilton oval pans). Dowels were drilled into the board first and the cakes were lowered over the dowels and frosted one at a time. I cut the edges to round it out. The cakes made up Horton’s body. Legs, head and trunk were molded out of rice krispies!!! Check out the details!!!

It took 8 batches of fondant to cover Horton. The Flower field was rice krispies covered in butter cream. The flowers were made out of pink cotton candy. Eyes, tail and hair were made out of fondant. The ears were attached with dowels and were supported by the rice krispie flower field.

The cake stood over a foot tall and was almost 3 feet long…the bride loved her homemade Horton Hears a Who cake idea and I was on an artistic buzz for over a week… Happy Caking :-)


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  1. bloody hell. thats brilliant. would love to see pics of the reception to see how they did the rest of the venue. nifty and great imagination getting the cake together! the kids have me on my toes for their next ones. have only done a PlayStation 3 console and spiderman face and hand so far!


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