Coolest House Birthday Cake

I was asked to create a cake in the shape of a house for special lady’s 70th birthday by her children. The house is the epicentre of the family so it had to be a replica of the family home.

The first thing to consider was getting the shape right. It was difficult to get the angles of the pitched and sloping roof, as I had to be careful that the cake would stand well.

The cake was a plain sponge with a vanilla butter cream filling. I started to build up the cake in layers to get the height. After cutting the rectangular cakes I had baked into 3cm thicknesses, I built up the cake, and had 6 layers high. I then began to cut the cake into the correct shape. I started from the top, and angled the roof, on both sides and then cut the remainder of the cake into the correct shape. I indented the front by the front door, to copy the shape of the actual house which I was trying to recreate.

Many crumbs later (!) I had a shape I was happy with, and I then covered the sides and top with a layer of butter cream and set in the fridge while I cleared up the mess!

The next challenge was to get the color of icing just right for the bricks. I mixed some brown and orange food coloring into white fondant icing, and kneaded the color in until I had the correct match. I then covered the whole cake in this, and scored lines into the icing to create a brick effect.

The roof was made with a square fondant cutter and layered up to create a tiled roof effect, which I was really pleased with. The windows came next, and them the base, which really brought the whole cake to life. I found that the little details of the flowers and plants really completed the look.

I was really pleased with the outcome, as was the birthday girl!!

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  1. I love the car in the drive – and the birthday lady’s pic on the front door (which I printed!)

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