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Coolest Hula Girl Birthday Cake

I made this Hula Girl birthday cake for a friend’s daughter’s 10th birthday!

I used a 12 inch round cake pan for the bottom layer and the Wilton wonder mold cake pan for the hula skirt. I covered the round cake with white icing and then I positioned the hula skirt cake to the edge of the round cake, leaving more room in the front. I then inserted the doll pick into the top of the hula skirt cake.

I tinted Wilton decorators icing for the colors used on the hula girl. I used tip 233 for the grass skirt. I used tip 16 for the bra, bracelet, and around the waist of the hula girl.

I used fondant to make all the flowers and the border flowers. I bought white fondant and tinted it to the colors I wanted. I made them the night before and I used the Wilton Nature Fondant and Gum Paste Mold to make the flowers.

I then wrote Happy Birthday and the name on the cake with tip 4.

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  1. The Hula Girl Cake was the hit of our party ! It was so pretty I didn’t want to cut into it! The girls made it easy claiming their color flower or part of the ‘grass’ skirt they wanted. I guess having the right supplies helps you make the best cakes!! We are thankful to my friend always.


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