Coolest Hula Girl Cake

This Hula Girl Cake was definitely the funnest cake I’ve made yet! My niece came to me and asked if I would make her a Hula girl cake for her birthday. I said yes of course and immediately came to this web-site for inspiration! My niece liked one, I liked another, and my sister liked a third cake on the site best, so I decided to combine them. Using ideas from all 3 I went to work. It only took about 2 hours to decorate. (For me that’s pretty good. I’m still learning so I’m a little slow!)

To bake I used a 12?x 2″ round pan for the bottom and the Wilton wonder mold kit for the skirt. The wonder mold comes with a girl to use, but her hair wasn’t in the best shape. I used a beach Barbie instead. The Barbie was too tall for just the skirt so I added the bottom round to make it the right height. (It also gave me more room for decorating).

To decorate I used all Wilton pre made icing, food coloring and Wilton tips. I frosted the bottom first, then placed the skirt on top. Then I frosted the skirt completely. Next I used tip #16 to make the grass on the skirt. Insert the Barbie and fill in the skirt around her waist. I used hibiscus flower picks from for the bigger flowers. They pull off the picks easily, and steaming the flowers opens them up and makes them much prettier. (I also used the leftover flower picks for cupcakes and fruit skewers!)

The smaller flowers I used various tips to create. The leaves were made with tip # 352. The writing was done with tip #5. Have fun decorating and good luck!


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