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Cool Homemade Hulk Birthday Cake

I made this Hulk Birthday Cake for a 10yr old boy and all he asked for was ‘A Hulks head’. So that’s what I did. I cooked a large cake in a hexagon tin so I got the width at the top and I cut down the cake so when I was finished I had a smaller ‘jaw’ line at the bottom. I then covered 2/3 of the cake in green butter icing and 1/3 in black. The green part then became the face and the black top became the head.

I used black writing icing (available in supermarkets) in a small tube to make the hair look textured and to get the right shape of Hulks fringe line. Using white and black writing icing i continued to ‘draw’ the features onto the face, this is the most time consuming part as you need to get the right shape and amount of teeth and make sure you include little details like the tiny bit of green in each eye.

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