This ice cream truck cake was made for a lovely lady name Josie. She and Dan always send money and gifts for my grandchildren, so I thought I’d surprise her with a cake for her birthday.

A friend of hers named Dan told my hubby that when she was younger they owned an ice cream company in our town and Dan found a picture of their ice cream truck (van). I thought it’d be a lovely idea to try and replica it in a cake for her.

Ice Cream Truck Cake Directions

  • I started by baking two square 8″ cakes.
  • I cut these cakes in half and sandwiched them all together using jam and buttercream icing to build up the height of the icecream truck.
  • Then, I cut the shape of the front of the van and sloped the top of the cake.
  • I covered the whole cake in buttercream and chilled it in the freezer.
  • Meanwhile I rolled out enough white icing to cover the whole cake.
  • Next, I rolled out some red icing I had colored earlier and cut out the shapes to fit around the bottom of the cake.
  • I cut out four wheels in a black icing and then cut out a smaller circle for the centre of the wheels in red.
  • I made some mirrors in black and then made the windows in a light grey.
  • I used an icing sheet which you use for printing photos in edible ink to make the signs for the top of the van and then I made the ice cream pictures to put on the windows.
  • Using edible paste and vodka I painted the pictures of the ice cream and ice lollies. I made four of these. two for each side of the van.
  • I finished off by adding the number plates and lights and the wording to the cake board.

Josie loved the cake, though I had to laugh when she told me she got run over by this ice cream van and hurt her foot when her brother was driving it.

I was told she cried after we left because no one had ever done anything like this for her before.