Coolest In the Night Garden Birthday Cake

This In the Night Garden Birthday Cake was a cake that I was asked to do for a friend. I’m no professional, but I said I’d have a go, as she couldn’t find one anywhere and didn’t want to pay the £70 quoted by a cake shop in our town.

I must admit, I’m rubbish at making sponge so I bought 5 slabs of ready creamed Madeira cake from the local supermarket to make the base. I then found a picture of three of the characters and started modelling.

I had bought some paper wrapped wires from the rather expensive cake shop and decided to have a go at using them. I cut out, using cutters, some stars and little number 1’s. I dipped one end of the wire in icing glue (Gum Arabic)then carefully twisted the wire up through the bottom of them and left them flat to dry.

Once I had all my pieces made, I left them all to dry for a couple of days and then assembled the the cake base and decorations.

My friend was delighted when she saw the cake and I must admit, I was a little proud of myself too!

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