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Coolest Incredible Hulk Birthday Cake

My little boy turned 4 at the end of Dec’08 and is a huge fan on the Hulk. He wanted an Incredible Hulk Birthday cake in the shape of the Hulk fighting with the Abomination from the latest film – unfortunately my kitchen’s a little on the small side and I promised him just the Hulk (and just his face at that).

I started with a 10″ chocolate sponge cake, filled with chocolate buttercream. This I cropped a little to make an oval for his face shape. I decided not to bother with the marzipan, and just coloured some readymade fondant bright green – along with my hands! I used powder icing colours as I find these are easier to get the colour you require and don’t make the icing sticky.

After molding his nose and adding eyes, teeth, etc., I shaded his face once again with powder colouring in a darker shade of green. I used liquorice wheels for his hair, unravelling them and cutting to desired lengths – these I stuck on with a tube of black writing icing that I bought from the supermarket.

I popped a big sparkler in his mouth when it was time for the cake to come out and my little guy loved it. Hope you all do too. Happy creating.

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