Coolest Hulk Cake

My son wanted a Hulk cake for his 8th birthday so I decided to try to make one myself instead of ordering one. I made 1/2 sheet of white cake and the other 1/2 sheet chocolate. I had bought the hulk face and hand pieces.

I placed the Hulk face in the middle with the fingers placed so that it seemed like he was pulling himself up out of the ground. I had a hard time with the icing (I just used regular canned icing). I hadn’t read up on how to make it easier on myself but it all worked out with this cake because I made cuts in the cake to make it seem like the ground was cracking open so Hulk could break through, so the messier the better.

To give the big crack in the middle a little lift, I stacked a few graham crackers and put the crumbs of the cake over them so you couldn’t see them. Everyone seemed to think it was neat looking cake so I was glad I didn’t give in and order him a cake instead. He really liked it.

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