Coolest Star Wars Light Saber Cake

It’s all about Star Wars in my house so we decided to make my 6-year-old a Star Wars Light Saber Cake. I’ve never done jelly rolls so I don’t have jelly roll pans, as was suggested by others, so I used mini-loaf pans for the saber and a regular loaf pan for the handle. We carved the tops into the right shape and lined up 6 mini-loaves and one large loaf on a foil covered board (See the photo, we used marble cake since that is what the birthday boy requested).

We used 2 cake mixes, making 3 mini-loaves and one standard size loaf from each mix. It turned out we had one standard size loaf extra at the end.

Once assembled, we frosted. We wound up using two containers of frosting for the green, tinted using neon green food coloring, and one container for the gray, tinted with 4 drops neon blue, 2 drops neon purple, 1 drop neon green, 2 drops regular green and 3 drops red. It took some experimenting to make gray frosting, there are probably other ways, like if we knew there was such a thing as black food coloring! We piped the green frosting in long horizontal lines for the saber and then little stars/rosettes cover the handle. We decorated with black twizzlers and a few M&Ms.

We thought later that we also could have made a light saber out of a row of unwrapped yodels, then frosted them. We might do that next time!

The Force was with this cake

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