Coolest Jack Skellington Cake

This Jack Skellington cake was easier than it looks. I baked two 9×13″ cakes and one 8″ round. I bought a huge strong piece of cardboard and covered it with Christmas paper to place the cake on. The round cake is the head. One of the 9×13″ cakes is for the torso.

With a sharp knife I cut off the two corners at the top and I tapered it down to a thin waist. The other cake I cut out two arms and a neck. Once I had everything cut out and in place I made up a thin frosting of powdered sugar and milk to seal the crumbs and hold the cake in place.

After that dried I made up lots of buttercream frosting and frosted the head. I frosted the neck and a v-shape front of the vest in white. Then I switched to black frosting and made a jacket, making a lapel around the v-shaped white. I dipped the spatula in water and smoothed the frosting out.

Using black fondant I cut out eyes and nose and placed it on the face. Then I piped on a straight line of black frosting for the mouth and took a toothpick and ran it up and down through the line to make it look like stitches.

I took white frosting piped w/#3 tip to make the lines going in one way on the lapel and then on the jacket. The one button is a vanilla chip upside down.

His hands are cut out from a picture I printed from the internet on bones of the hands. I just taped them in place. I made the bat collar out of black construction paper then I piped on frosting and set it in place. I had some cake left over so I make a little area to write my son’s name and Happy Birthday! He was quite impressed.

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