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Coolest Jedi Lightsaber Cake Design

My son LOVES Star Wars and wanted a Jedi Lightsaber Cake Design. Specifically asking for the red and blue held in an “x.” So I took his toys (he seems to know the different handles and everything) and tried to create them.

I baked a square cake to make it look like the t.v. screen and wrote in the Star Wars logo over black icing (using chocolate frosting and adding black gel). To make the light sabers, I used chocolate Swiss rolls for the blue saber and strawberry rolls for the red saber (bought them – I’m not Martha Stewart, I didn’t make them! Sorry!) I actually cut the Swiss rolls and made them 1 1/2 in each part. I used the end of pointed ice cream cones for the tips and Twinkies for the handles. Got a lot of great ideas from your help on this site…thank you!

Then, I looked up online how to make marshmallow fondant and created blue, red and black colors from the white. I did ice the “cakes” as suggested since it helps the fondant stick better. That’s it! This was my first and only try and I’m really not a baker, just wanted to try to do something special for my son. Hope this help your little future Jedi!




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