Ultimate Angry Birds Star Wars Cake

I made this Angry Birds Star Wars cake for my son’s birthday. He loves Star Wars… and Angry Birds, of course!  It took me a week to complete.

Angry Birds Star Wars Cake Details

  • The characters and Death Star were made from Rice Krispy treats.
  • I researched the characters online and decorated them to detail as they are seen on the game.
  • Chewy’s hair was made from melted chocolate.
  • The only other materials that I used were fondant and royal icing.
  • I tried to combine a few of the different scenes or “levels” when decorating the cake.

My only regret was being rushed on completing my Death Star and not being able to make my lines between the fondant squares flow more evenly.

The cake was a big hit at the pizza restaurant we held the party at. We even had people coming up to our table in the restaurant to take pictures of it, including some of the servers. Lol!

I can’t even tell you how much time was put into this creation. Only for my son!