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Coolest Star Wars Clone Wars Cake

My eight year old requested a Star Wars Clone Wars cake for his birthday. He is all about the clone troopers and when I came across a nice action pack toy set with two troopers and their weapons I decided that would be a perfect topper for the cake. A present and cake in one! This cake was challenging because I wanted to do something different. I wanted to work with fondant. I have seen it done many times on the food network but have had zero experience myself. I got some ready made wilton fondant as I’ve heard that making your own might make the fondant too soft to work with and create a lot of cracks and tears. I wasn’t sure how much to buy, so I bought one pack of all white and one pack of colored fondant. Rollling the fondant out was a bit stiff to work with and I discovered that I probably needed two boxes of white to fully cover the cake. I also discovered that I need to take formal fondant classes as I have no clue how to cover a round cake without creating creases in the fondant. I made due and muddled through it as best as I could using my ingenuity to hide my flaws. I cut out a star wars clone wars logo from the toy package and attched the logo and troopers to the top of the fondant using home made buttercream icing. The cake itself is a white cake with a strawberry jam mixed with a little cream cheese icing between the two layers of cake. I tinted the white cake a light blue to add to the color scheme of the party and be a surprise moment when the cake was cut into. My son loved his cake and to him it was perfect so that’s all that matters. He was happy and I learned a few things about fondant – that I need classes to want to attempt this again and feel successful at it.

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