Coolest Jess The Cat Cake

I made this Jess The Cat Cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. Not being a fan of fondant icing I decided to try and make an all-chocolate cake.

First I made 3 20cm round sandwich tins of cake, I used a recipe for intense and dense chocolate cake, but any sandwich cake recipe would do, although I would stick with chocolate cake personally. I sandwiched 2 of the layers together with whipped cream. I used the 3rd layer to cut out triangles for the ears and an oval for the muzzle, slightly shaved round the top to make it rounded, then I positioned the muzzle on top using more whipped cream, and positioned the ears, using toothpicks to make sure they stayed in place.

After, I made a ganache with dark chocolate which I used to cover all the cake except the muzzle, and a thick ganache made with white chocolate to cover the muzzle, which I pricked with a fork to give a fur effect. After, it was just piping, white chocolate with a couple of drops of red food coloring to do the pink nose and ears, and with green coloring for the eyes. Dark chocolate with a drop of black coloring for the whiskers, mouth, pupils, eyebrows and outlining.

Finally I stuck a silver sugar ball in each eye pupil.

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