Coolest Oscar the Grouch Birthday Cake

I searched the internet for an Oscar the Grouch Birthday Cake for my son’s 4th birthday, but couldn’t find one that was nice looking but still at my skill level (extremely novice). I finally came up with the idea to do a trifle inside a trash can and to put an Oscar the grouch head on top.

For the trifle:

I bought a huge can of peaches in the bulk section of Walmart, emptied out the peaches and washed and dried the can. I baked an 8-inch chocolate cake layer and two oversized muffin cups of chocolate cake (I used my family recipe, any chocolate cake will do). I whipped a pint of fresh cream (you could use cool whip), and then folded 1/2 cup of it into 2 packages of prepared and set chocolate pudding. The trifle was layers of the cut-up 8inch cake, whipped cream, the cocolate pudding, and crushed Oreo’s. A generous amount of gummy worms were layered into the trifle.

For the Oscar head:

I put two of the cupcakes together with toothpicks and crumb coated them with green frosting (cocoa and green food coloring make the perfect color). I then did a thick second coat, using a fork to mottle the “fur”. Oscars mouth is half of an Oreo cookie with a piece of ripped gummy worm for the tongue. His eyes are buttercream frosting with half of a raisin for each eye. His eyebrows were butter cream with some cocoa mixed in. I used a fork to muddle them as well. I used three craft sticks stick down into to the trifle to set the Oscar head on, but I honestly think it would have set on the trifle fine without them.

Homemade Oscar the Grouch Birthday Cake

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