Pretty Pink Jewelry Box Cake

My daughter wanted a Jewelry Box cake for her birthday. We saw a similar one on another site and I used some of their suggestions. I bought the candy necklaces at Walgreens.

I baked my cakes several days ahead of time and wrapped and froze them. I made 2 9×13 white layer cakes. I put them on top of each other. I cut a 2-in strip off the short end of the rectangles. I then put one of them in front of the bottom layer and cut the other strip to finish out the strip in front. This was the bottom drawer.

I used pink wafer cookies that I frosted to make the compartments on top. They started to absorb moisture and started to expand and crack. I just kept putting pink icing on them to cover up the cracks. Looking back, I think I would have used graham crackers. I made the backboard lid the day ahead. I just wrapped a piece of cardboard in tinfoil and lightly frosted it. I then used frosting to adhere it to the back of the cake.

I waited until the cake was dry before I started putting candies in the compartments so that they would not get all sticky.

5 thoughts on “Pretty Pink Jewelry Box Cake”

  1. Much better idea with the lid than the other ideas I’ve seen. I don’t need to bother with the effort and cost of melting chocolate candy to make an edible lid. The cake is the part I want to eat!! NICE JOB!!


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