Coolest Jewelry Box Birthday Cake

I made this Jewelry Box Birthday Cake for my God Daughter’s 6th birthday. I started by cooking the cakes. I made (3) 7 x 11 cakes and froze them. I then got melting candy to make the top and the drawers of the cake. For the lid I got graham crackers and then poured the melted candy over and set to dry.

The top of the box and the drawer on the bottom I poured into a cookie sheet and then set aside to dry. When dried I cut out the shapes that I needed for the drawers and the lining. For the centerpiece part I used a cupcake liner and filled with the melted chocolate.

Put in the refrigerator to dry. I bought all the candy jewelry at the local Party store to just place in at the time of the party. Frosted with a white buttercream icing and then piped flowers and dots around to make it cute!

Homemade Jewelry Box Birthday Cake

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