Coolest John Deere Cake

I was asked to make a cake for my daughter’s then fiance, now her husband, and his brother. Their birthdays are just a few days apart and since they’re both country boys I didn’t have too much trouble coming up with this John Deere cake idea. Cakes are the most fun when they’re a labor of love!

Assembling the John Deere Cake

  • I like to use gumpaste for the lettering on my cakes since I don’t write that well and I like to have things verticle for some reason.  You’ll notice the lettering is standing vertical around the cake.
  • This was a 3 tiered cake that included a tractor tire that I formed as the bottom tier and a bale of straw I created as the top tier.
  • The middle tier was done in the John Deere colors and includes the famous Deere emblem.
  • I made each tier a different flavor and since none of us like fondant, the whole cake is covered in buttercream frosting.
  • John Deere tractors were added for the full effect. In fact, there were two of their cousins that asked if they could add some more tractors so I said “sure”. They had a blast trying to figure out where else to put them. 

Needless to say, this cake was a huge hit.  The guys who the cake was made for were so happy with it… and that always makes me so happy.

The very best part of the cake was that it tasted as good as it looks!