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Coolest John Deere Tractor Cake for 2 Year Old Boy

My son loved his John Deere tractor cake and thought it was a toy at first!

From two frozen cake loaves I carved out the shape of a tractor body.  I filled the layers with butter cream then did a crumb coat all over and then a final thick coat of butter cream. I did this all a week ahead and stored in the freezer to save time.  I also made marshmallow fondant ahead of time in green, yellow, and black.


I made rice krispie treats, making sure to pat them down pretty hard in the pan so they would be sturdy. Let cool completely and then cut out 2 big wheels and 2 smaller wheels.  Carve out a well in the center of wheel.  Cover with black fondant and then yellow in the center.

Tractor body

Let the cake come to room temperature then cover with green fondant.


Cut a long rectangle strip of black fondant and wrap around the upper part of the cake for the windows.  To stick fondant to fondant use a small amount of water and a paint brush as “glue”.

Outine windows

Cut small strips of green fondant and outline the windows.

Outine windows


Cut triangles out of yellow fondant and with a food pen I wrote John Deere.  I also used a food pen to draw the John Deere symbol on the front of the tractor.


Putting it together

I spread a layer of icing onto a plate and then covered with crushed chocolate gram crackers as “dirt”.  This also helped the small table to sit sturdy on the plate.

I attached the wheels with tooth picks and done!


putting it together

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