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Coolest John Deere Combine Birthday Cake

I baked this John Deere combine birthday cake for my son’s sixth birthday. He adores everything farm related and asked for a John Deere combine cake. I started searching everywhere for instructions or anything available to help me make this cake. I found absolutely nothing for the type of cake I had in mind and was completely petrified. How am I suppose to make this cake without instructions? I gathered my thoughts and decided to go take pictures of the real John Deere combine from every angle. It was very useful in helping me construct my own cake.

I baked four square cakes for the basic shape of the combine and one rectangular shape for the front part and the roof. The front wheels consists of five Marie biscuits iced together and the back wheel, two Oreo cookies iced together. I frosted them with black frosting and then frosted a yellow circle in the middle of the wheels. I used transparent paper for the cab. The seats and steering-wheel were made of liquorice sweets.

The back of the ladder were made of two wafer cookies. For the ladder’s poles I used florist wire and the steps are also liquorice sweets pushed through the wire. The railings were all made of florist wire. For the rotating blade in front I tied four liquorice sticks together with two thin strings of liquorice. On the left side I tied it around clockwise and on the right side I tied it around anti-clockwise. I used small ice-cream cones filled with marshmallow for the front part of the combine’s toes. In front of the ice-cream cones I used six pieces of cake cut into 3×3 inches. Lastly I made a John Deere logo in front and one on the back.

For my first attempt on making a John Deere combine cake, I am pretty proud of myself. My son’s facial expression was priceless! He loved his cake so much that he didn’t want to eat it, but in the end he simply couldn’t resist.

Homemade John Deere Combine Birthday Cake

Homemade John Deere Combine Birthday Cake

Homemade John Deere Combine Birthday Cake

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