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Coolest Kit Kat Piglets Playing in the Mud Birthday Cake

This  Kit Kat piglets playing in the mud birthday cake was made for a lady’s 79th birthday. I made two round chocolate cakes, and put strawberry filling in the center. I frosted the cake with chocolate frosting, then I covered the sides with two rows of Kit Kat candy bars. I cut the Kit Kats to the correct height I was looking to achieve.

After all the Kit Kats were all the way around the cake, I used a grass tip for green color frosting and made patches of grass in selected areas all the way around the cake. I added a flower to one side of the cake. I made fondant and colored it pink, then I made the little piglets and used a toothpick to make the eyes and the nostrils. I used black food paint and colored in the eyes and nose. I used a knife to make the creases for the butt cheeks.

After I made the piglets I set them aside and wrapped a ribbon around the seam of the Kit Kat’s. I made a chocolate glaze, making sure it was not to runny. I then poured it over the top of the cake slowly. Once the top was covered I gently layed the piglets where I wanted them. I then touched up the piglets with a little bit of chocolate to make them look like they were playing in the mud. Then I set the cake to chill in the  refrigerator.