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Coolest Piano Cake – Music to your Ears and Stomach

This piano cake  is one of the easiest cakes I have ever made. I make cakes for music recitals that my daughters attend. Nothing better than a giant keyboard! All I did was make 3 slab cakes and lay them in a row. Ice the entire thing white. Nothing better than giant Kit Kat’s for black keys. I drew in the white keys with icing and placed the Kit Kats for the black keys. The tricky part was finding a board big enough. And boy was it heavy.

Also during the cake cutting all the children wanted a piece of the Kit Kat. The music teacher’s husband started taking off all the Kit Kat’s and cutting them into pieces so all kids could have a piece, little did he know he was destroying my cake in front of my eyes. The trick here was to think outside of the box and think of something to use as black keys. I always think “what candy or cookie would resemble this or that”. Since this music cake I have made a sheet of music cake, a giant note cake. The cake was music to their ears and belly’s!

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  1. Love the piano keyboard cake…how genius to use Kit Kats…however, next time you allow anyone the privilege of this cake, see that you have an extra box of Kit Kats….so you don’t destroy your work of art so quickly….

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