I’ve been seeing pigs in mud cakes all year, but this year was the local fair’s Year of the Pig, so what else could I submit? I was sure there’d be many similar ones, so I made the pigs extra special. I made a dad leaning against the side of the pool wearing sunglasses and reading a paper. The little pig on the raft was startled when he spilt some jelly onto his belly from his pb & j sandwich. Mom was just relaxing, and the other two piggies were diving.

The pigs were made using Wilton’s pink ready to roll fondant. I used Wilton fondant for all the extras. The barrel , of course, was made using Kit Kats. It cost a LOT of money using the Kit Kats because family members found my first batch, which weren’t hidden very well, and so I had to replace them all.

Normally I make my own chocolate frosting, but I really wanted the smooth silkiness of canned frosting.

Not only did I have the only pigs in mud cake at the fair, but I won the King Arthur ‘Best in Show’ ribbon and gift card!