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Coolest LaLaLoopsy Cake

I made this LaLaLoopsy cake for my niece has celiac disease, so I volunteered to make her a gluten-free birthday cake. She loves LaLaLoopsy, but to be honest, I had NEVER heard of her. So, this is the cake I created.

LaLaLoopsy Cake Instructions

  • I made an double layer 8″ gluten-free cake mix.
  • Then I made cake balls using the same cake mix to create the sheep.
  • I dipped each ball in melted white chocolate then attached white candy pearls to them.
  • I used black gum drops for the faces and black candies from a bag of mixed licorice candies for the ears, feet and tails.
  • I inserted trimmed wooden skewers in the bottom.
  • I frosted the cake with white icing and added fondant buttons around the sides.
  • I dipped gluten-free pretzels into melted milk chocolate for the fence posts.
  • I also made a gate by attaching 4 chocolate covered pretzels together and using another pretzel attached diagonally to hold it together.
  • I formed the fence and added the sheep and a LaLaLoopsy doll I bought.
  • I piped on the grass and then added blue piping around the bottom and top.

Ta Dah!

Coolest LaLaLoopsy Cake