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Coolest Lalaloopsy Birthday Cake

This August brings yet again another birthday for my daughter Chloe! She informed me that turning 5 is a big deal and wanted another special cake made by mommy. I was hoping she had something simple in mind since I’m still recovering from the Rapunzel tower cake she had my sister and I make her last year.

I took a deep breath and asked her what she had in mind. I wasn’t surprised she she responded with Lalaloopsy! She loves all things Loopsy so I knew I had lot’s of reference to go by. Even though I had a pretty good idea how I was going to decorate it I stopped by coolest cakes.com to see some of the other Lalaloopsy cakes. When I got to the site I was shocked to see there was not 1 single Loopsy cake!

Without anything else to go by I figured I’d ask her what she wanted on her cake. She listed off about 10 different Loopsy’s! Immediately overwhelmed I had her narrow it down to her 3 favorite characters. The winners were Rosie Bumps and Bruises, Jewel Sparkles, and Pillow Feather Bed. That sounded like a list I could handle.

To start out I mixed some flesh colored fondant. I then rolled it flat and cut out 3 Loopsy silhouettes. I had the idea of making each figure like a paper doll. I then used rolled colored fondant to make little wigs for all 3 dolls. Each got a food coloring painted face and the famous button eyes were made from black fondant. I made the Clothes the same way i did the hair. Cut out of fondant and hand painted with more food coloring.

When she saw the finished pieces she got very excited. Then she asked a question I wasn’t expecting. “Where are their little pets?” she asked. Oh man! Every Lalaloopsy comes with their very own pet companions. Just when I thought I was done, it was back to the fondant! I sculpted and painted each of their pets, some buttons, some little bees, and a little number 5. Then it was time to put it all together.

Luckily for me my sister is my “go to girl” for cake and frosting. She baked my 2 9inch rounds (chocolate of course) and some of her homemade butter creme! don’t ask me for the recipe cause she won’t even give them to me! I iced the cakes then decorated it with my finished fondant pieces. Added a little hand piping to tie it all together and I had a pretty cute finished Lalaloopsy cake! The best part of it all was how much my little Chloe enjoyed it! Hopefully my cake can serve as some inspiration for someone else needing help making a Loopsy cake of their own!

Homemade Lalaloopsy Birthday Cake

Homemade Lalaloopsy Birthday Cake

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