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Cool Homemade Lamb Cake

This stand-up lamb cake is a chocolate sour cream pound cake with 1M buttercream swirls and gumball eyes and nose (halved). I used tip 14 pull-out stars for grass.

My family loved this moist cake; this is my second 3D cake using this recipe which is available at www.bakedecoratecelebrate.com)

My mom requested this cake for Easter – my grandmother used to make one similar to it!

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Lamb Cake”

  1. I’ve done this same cake several times, and instead of doing colored frosting for grass, you can buy a regular-sized bag of coconut and put a little food color in, using a disposable glove mix it well and put it all around the lamb and the entire pan and it looks GREAT!

  2. I put a hat on my lambs after i decorates it it glued on ribbon and artifical flowers on the bonnet bouught the bonnet at a hobby lobby store in the crafts I made twelveof these for all my family and friends for easter


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