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Awesome Homemade 3D Lamb Cake

I made a chocolate cake in an aluminum lamb mold. I added toothpicks in the ears and part of a wooden skewer in the neck. I had too much batter so I made the remainder of the batter into cupcakes.

Once the lamb cake was cooled, I put a buttercream frosting crumb coat on the outside of the lamb. Then I used tip #74 for the white wool. I tinted a small amount of icing pink for the nose and just used my knife to apply it and then the back of my fingernail to smooth it out.

For the face and legs, I tinted the white frosting as black as I could with black coloring from Wilton and used tip # 13 to make smaller shapes. I had saved out some of the white frosting and tinted a little of it blue and used tip #4 to make the eyes.

Lastly, I just don’t like coconut, so I tinted the remainder of the blue frosting I had with yellow and made green. I used tip #233 and piped out the grass. (I just can’t help but have so much fun making the grass!)

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