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Coolest Lawn Mower Birthday Cake Design

For my son’s 2nd birthday I decided to make a Lawn Mower Birthday Cake Design. He is obsessed with lawn mowers so I knew he’d love it! I looked on-line at other lawn mower cakes and got the idea for this one mixing and matching several techniques I thought I could handle.

I baked a regular confetti cake box mix in an 8×8 square pan and sliced it in ½. I filled the middle with butter cream frosting and then stacked the 2 halves. Then I used butter cream frosting on the outside with a mixture of leaf green and moss green coloring.

I made a batch of rice crispy treats (adding black food coloring) to shape the ½ circle on the top and frosted it with black frosting, then piped around the base of the circle. I used more of the rice crispy treat to make the handles by shaping the treat on to some wooden kabob skewers, leaving the pointed ends uncovered. I then placed the pointed ends in the cake- straight up and down so that they would not fall.

I used yellow butter cream frosting to pipe his name and age. The wheels are made out of Keebler striped cookies, placing the strips toward the cake, using frosting to hold them on. Then I frosted a generic Oreo type cookie to the Keebler ones.

Finally I piped some grass around the bottom of the lawn mower using a Wilton tip #233. The cake was a hit!

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  1. This cake is amazing! Do you mind including more info on the handles – how did you make the horizontal parts to the mower handles. I am trying to duplicate for my son’s birthday – he is obsessed with mowers!


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