Coolest Leaning Superheroes Cake

These “leaning” cakes are all the rage right now! I was a little scared and nervous when a friend showed me a picture and asked me if I could make this cake for her son’s birthday. I knew I had to make the cake perfect because I couldn’t let the little boy down. So, I started researching how I could make this cake…and make sure it was stable enough to be transferred to a party. I talked my husband into “building” me a stand for this type of cake so that I could make more this style any time I was asked. I purchased a thick round wooden board, an aluminum pole cut to my desired height, a GIANT screw and bolt, styrofoam, and all my cake ingredients.

I was ready to start working!! Before I baked the cakes, I took each cake board and cut a hole in the middle of it that was the same size as the aluminum pole. I baked my cakes, iced them, and covered them with fondant just like normal. My husband brainstormed and being a genius, built me a stand with the aluminum pole sticking out of it. The pole would allow the cakes to be slid onto it and have the stability needed to stay in place and to be transported.

To get the cakes to slant I cut styrofoam into slanted wedges and covered them with a matching duct tape (because it fit in good with this style of cake). I cut a hole through each piece of covered styrofoam so they would slide onto the pole too. I absolutely loved cutting out all the fondant and piped icing designs on this cake, but my favorite part was using fondant to make the giant green fingers. It was so exciting to me to see how the cake came together piece by piece as I put each layer onto the pole. The look on my friend’s face when she picked up the cake was so wonderful! It is just so much fun to see how excited people are when you have completed a cake for them and they are amazed!