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Coolest Lightening McQueen Birthday Cake

This Lightening McQueen birthday cake was my second fondant cake. I made this cake for a friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday. I am not the best at modelling so I got a coloring book picture of Lightening Mcqueen, drew a picture for my size cake, then rolled out the different colors to match the panels on the car, using a knife to cut the shapes I needed. I used water to glue the layers together.

I made a rectangle cake then cut out the car shape, pulled it out of the center and elevated it to give the cake some depth. I put the car shape on a piece of card board and cut a toilet roll in half to set it on. This gave the cake some depth without having to bake two cakes. I was still learning how to mold the fondant on the cake so I decided to make a flat cake and not try to make models.

The corners weren’t the best on the black, but the car turned out great. I cut out the emblem for the hood from the coloring book, the only non edible piece. I used the ribbon tool for fondant to make the white edging around the car. The black was easy to work with. I used writing icing piping from your local grocery store to outline the red panels, but the black piping started to evaporate and run when my friend left the cake on the oven where it got hot.

I really enjoy doing these cakes and hopefully I will have lots more to do with friends seeing these cakes. This website is great for sharing ideas and seeing how other people do it.

Homemade Lightening McQueen Birthday Cake

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