When my friend asked if I could make this Lightening McQueen birthday cake, I jumped at the opportunity to outdo any of my previous cakes. The little boy I was making it for was turning 6 and was absolutely OBSESSED with the movie Cars. The Make-a-Wish Foundation even sent this guy to Cars Land at Disney!

Steps for Making the Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

  • I started by baking one and a half chocolate sheet cakes and whipping up a ton of chocolate buttercream.
  • I printed off drawings of Lightning McQueen at every angle and the carving began.
  • He was originally the size of my bigger cake, but I whittled and stacked and whittled again until it almost resembled a car.
  • I smothered the whole thing in icing and did a bit of sculpting before letting it stiffen in the fridge for an hour.
  • During this time I took four old fashioned donuts,  misted them and covered them in black fondant for those slick wheels that Lightning McQueen sports.
  • When the cake had firmed, I took to a good hour of smoothing, carving and sculpting the body of the cake, including the wheel wells.
  • I covered him in red fondant (more smoothing), squeezed in the wheels and added all of the details to specification (the birthday boy would be sure to catch any inaccuracies).

The sleepless night was well worth it to see this little man’s face light up when he saw the cake.  At first no one was allowed to cut it. He then kissed it and that’s a moment I will always cherish.