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Coolest Lion Birthday Cake

I made this Lion Birthday Cake for my son’s first birthday. His nursery had a jungle theme and he loved the lion I had painted for his wall. I took inspiration from this site and a few others to get me started.

Firstly I drew a sketch of the lion’s face and then drew this again on grease proof paper, using my baking tins to get the correct size. I then baked an 11″ and a 9″ sponge cake and arranged them on top of each other, using a little apricot jam to stick them together. I covered both cakes in rolled fondant which I dyed pale yellow with food colouring. I used chocolate writing icing to draw the face (using the grease proof outline). I then used chocolate icing for the nose and I used white fondant and M&Ms for eyes.

The next bit was messy but fun! The mane was piped chocolate fudge icing. I found the best way was to pipe (using a half star nozzle)from the edge of the face onto the cake board and to keep rotating the board to get an even coverage. This technique gave the lion a lovely ‘hairy’ mane.

It was really quite staight forward to make and my little boy loved it!

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