Coolest Kids Lion Birthday Cake

I wanted to make my third son a lion cake for his first birthday as he is a Leo so thought it would be appropriate. I didn’t have much inspiration myself, so had a look on the internet and came across this great site. I browsed through loads of the categories, and got lots of ideas. I eventually combined a bunch of ideas and made up a Kids Lion Birthday Cake myself, as follows.

I made two round chocolate cakes (using cake mix boxes which came with the icing mix included). I sandwiched the two rounds together with half the icing (frosting). I then rolled out some marzipan in a circle which I placed on the top. I drew the shape of the lion’s face with a pencil and then put the rest of the icing around it – using a knife to draw the stripes of the mane. I rolled out another small circle and cut it in half for the two ears. I “painted” the eyes, nose and mouth with chocolate icing and used chocolate coated Mikado biscuits for the whiskers.

I found it was really easy to make and as there was only chocolate icing for the eyes, nose and mouth, I didn’t even have to mix any other colors.

Everyone was really impressed (even the birthday boy!) and the marzipan went down a treat.

Thanks for all the ideas and I’ll definitely use this site again for my other two sons’ birthdays.