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Coolest Lion Cake

I decided this year to take my kids cakes into my own hands. This lion cake was for my youngest son who was turning two. What I found, was that in planning a party for him he really had no interests, so I chose a wild animal safari theme, since he loves the zoo.

I was so nervous about my first cake experience that I decided to make a practice cake, and when it turned out, my sister suggested I freeze it (only for 1 week). Thanks Heather, because I would have never thought to do that.

At my local cake shop, in the very back, on the clearance rack lay Mr. Lion… no directions… no picture to go by. I thought it was a steal because it was only $4.50 so I picked it up and bought all I needed to make the special butter cream frosting, came home and got to work.

I found him really easy to do, and really fun too! I frosted part of this late one night, and the rest the next day. What I found was that leaving the food coloring over night created a much darker effect, which is why his mane turned out to be two different shades.

In the end I thought this looked pretty neat, so I just added a little of the darker brown to the top of the mane too..

This was my VERY FIRST cake. And gave me the confidence to try again!

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