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Cool Homemade Lion King Birthday Cake

Every year I do a birthday bash for 10 to 13 people who live up on the hill with us, here in Naivasha  and all have birthdays in August.  I try to do one large cake that incorporates everyone.  This was one of these cakes done for my “rafikis” (Swahili for Friends).  All the figures are modeled from marzipan and hand painted.

The cake was chocolate sponge, filled with orange cream and  covered in homemade fondant.  There is a small dog on this cake which probably looks out of place but this was for a very close friend who is part of the birthday rafikis and who takes his dog everywhere with him so I had to feature him somewhere.  The tree was made of gum paste and RI. I thought that the Lion King theme was quite appropriate for Leo birthday bashers.  I think the warthog “Puumba” was the most challenging.  Anyway I think it was enjoyed by all.