Coolest Luau Paradise Cake

I work at a bakery in my town, and really wanted to go all out for my daughter’s luau themed birthday party. I looked for ideas all over the Internet and came up with this Luau Paradise Cake.

The cakes come in pre made so I did not have to bother with that. The entire cake is butter cream frosting with exception of the water. The tiki lounge is made up of a cupcake, using a frosting comb for the texture and a grass tip for the roof. The sand is sanding sugar airbrushed brown. The water is airbrushed blue with piping gel on top to get that real water look. The flowers on the side are made by using a rose tip with a number five writing tip for the centers and a number 3 writing tip for the small centers and a leaf tip for the leaves.

I added little shark fins from some cupcake pics that I had found. I broke off the little tips of them and used them as shark fins. I went to the craft section and found a luau themed necklace and nametag foam craft set that I used for the fish. I also used this as an activity for the party. We had these jellybeans that look like rocks that I added to the shore of the islands.

Tips: Instead of mixing the piping gel with a color, I just airbrushed the butter cream first as the piping gel is runny. If you do not have access to an airbrush as I did, blue frosting will work just as well for the water and brown sugar for the sand.

If you do not have access to the traditional tips as I did, you could also use the flowers from and local craft shop to add your flare to you cake.

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  1. This is an awesome cake! I love everything about this cake! I am going to have my friend make one similar with lots of the ideas. My son does not want a hut but a beach theme in the middle. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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