Coolest Luau Sunset Cake

I made this Luau sunset cake for my cousin who was having a luau for her 16th birthday. I used a half sheet cake and frosted it with my own frosting. I then made pink, yellow and a coral color for the sunset. I put blobs of each color throughout the top half of the cake.

Using a spatula I dragged the colors together blending them slightly to make the sunset effect. To make the water I used a teal and spread it unevenly across the cake. I used a butter knife with some white frosting to make the effect of waves. I used white cake sparkle in the water for shimmer.

To make the sand I crushed graham crackers. Using a writing tip and black frosting I drew the palm trees and birds. I drew Hawaiian flowers on the sides of the cake to finish the design.

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  1. Love it! Thanks for the idea! Having a Luau Engagement Party for my daughter this weekend and am going to try your design!


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