Coolest Margarita Cake

I made 2 nine inch round cakes and made another cake in a 9×12 pan. I added an extra egg and a small box of pudding to each mix to make them a little more sturdy. This actually ended up making enough cake for 2 glasses, but I just froze the extra.

I took one of the 9″ rounds and cut it in half, making sure they match up. Then I put some icing in between and a little on the cake board and set the cakes on their side. I cut a 6″ circle out of the sheet cake cut it in half, and used one half to make the bottom of the glass. I rounded the bottom edge a little. I went ahead and cut the bottom circle next using a wide topped glass so it would be slightly smaller then the 6″, and also cut about 1/2-1″ off the bottom so it wasn’t as thick as the rest of the cake.

With the remaining cake I cut the stem, and rounded the top. For the base, I cut the smallest circle in half and placed that at the bottom of the stem. I used skewers to hold everything together, and covered generously with frosting. I got the frosting as smooth as I could then once the frosting crusted I used a smooth paper towel to get the icing even more smooth.

I printed the logo out on edible paper, and secured the lime wedges with frosting. I used coarse sugar to imitate a salt rim. I brushed a little water around the edge and pressed the sugar on. I think that’s about it, but I’d be happy to answer any questions.

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